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God give a little love

bring me back a dog in the next life

3/9/10 03:04 am - old post.

I totally forgot about this. I was looking through my myspace blog posts, which I guess I used to use, and found this little writing segment from my story PaperxCuore.
[please ignore the bad writing and the grammar mistakes. I know there's A LOT but, I would rather not tamper with something from the past to keep its essence :)]

Tuesday, November 11, 2008
Rus is at it again.
Category: Writing and Poetry

If actions speak louder than words, then Rus yells with triumph victory. You really can't stop the man. One moment his hand will be clamp around the refrigerator door's handle, then a beer bottle's neck, and then Zenni's "plump" ass (as he defines it). This groping splurge lasts just before the "water fag" enters the room. He quickly pulls his hand out of the cookie jar before caught by Tsuko or Zenni. The poor cookie, Zenni, doesn't quite know what exactly is going on.

While leaning his rump towards a comfy couch, a small hand reaches out from Rus's side and grabs one cheek with a snorting giggle. Rus's immediate reaction is the jump forward, for, to his surprised, he is caught off guard by his own trick. He looks around, but is left with a trailing echo of a boyish giggle leading toward the hallway. Ah. Hide and seek time Huh? Rus thinks to himself. His favorite game: chase. Perfect. His prey just set up his own trap. Rus put down the bottle, rolled up his sleeves, and rushed forward with a sly grin on his face and a slight lick to his lips.

Unfortunately for Rus, Zenni was the master at hiding, not because he was mentally stuck with a ten year old boy's intellect, but mainly because he was so… small. His short stature and thin limbs and torso could fit him anywhere. Today's new hiding place was in Tsuko's closet. A perfect place to hide. Why? Because one, Rus would never set foot in Tsuko's room, and two, if he did, RUS would get in deep trouble. A perfect reason for Zenni to lead Rus into the "danger zone". For you see, Zenni is not only a pretty little flirt, but also a fan of playful troublemaking without consequences. And to his advantage, Rus never thinks about consequences.

After about a good 10 minutes of waiting and Zenni hearing Rus's evidential slander of giving-up-cursing while walking pass the room, Zenni giggled loudly and yelled,


Perfect to fire up the red head.

Not even a minute later, the closet doors slammed open, and giant paws were all over Zenni.

A "Got'cha." Rumbled from Rus's throat as he began his molestation victory. Smirks and strokes were involved. Many… smirks and strokes. Rustling clothing and small hands grabbing out everywhere. Zenni fought, but did not yell for help. He only gave out a tiny whine when he was pinned to the closet's back wall. He didn't give a sound when Rus's hand crept up his shorts, only bit his lip. No. The boy wouldn't give the demon the pleasure of allowing him to fully win.

Just as Rus's hand cupped against the zipper of his shorts, Zenni's eyes shot wide open, as if something triggered his senses. And with all the strength his in frail arms, he pushed away. Rus, willingly, stumbled backward to look at his blushing trophy. He wiped the drool at the edge of his mouth with the back of his arm, smirking with sheer amusement and success. Something then caught his eye, and his turn to his left, unluckily, to see Mr. Tsuko Laurent standing in the doorway of his room; wearing a fierce blank expression and glowing green eyes piercing Rus with a death glare to match his treacherous vibe. His eyes even sent a shiver down Rus's spine.

Zenni popped his head out of the closet and smiled at Tsuko.

"Oh hey Tsuko!" Acting like nothing happened "Rus and I were just playing hide and seek!" Zenni wrestled out from tangled clothing and hopped over Rus and over to Tsuko. He leaned in and gave Tsuko's arm a small hug, with his head leaning upward to look at Tsuko, just like a puppy begging for love. His eyes squinted with winning the brunette's heart and so, ran off yelling behind him, "Don't get mad Tsuko!"

The hunter-like glare washed off Tsuko's face just for a moment as his watched Zenni run off, but once he turned his head back to the red head, who was dusting himself off with a smirk, it replaced itself with just enough power to make Rus stop smirking.

"Look pretty boy, before you say an—" Not even allowed to finish his sentence before Rus found himself lifted off the ground and strangled by a solid, liquid-like goop. He tried to pry it off, but his fingers just raked through it as the goop restored itself and gave a squeeze right against a popping neck vein.

"If you ever… EVER touch him again, I will make sure you'll never be able to fuck anything ...."

"I-it… was.. a-a.. f-fucking… j-joke."

Rus's body landed on the ground with a loud thump along with coughs and pleading gasps for air. Suddenly, the goop grasped onto Rus's hard on and gave a slight, but hard squeeze, causing Rus to hiss out and choke on his saliva. Rus would be damned to show any weakness to the fuming water manipulator.

"If this is a joke, then this won't happen again. You can screw around with any little thing or anyone else you may please to gain some sort of self confidence or self worth, but not Zenni." Another squeeze to the crotch, this time Rus hissing out louder. "Do not corrupt my—his innocence."

If Tsuko gave another squeeze, surely one of Rus's testicles would pop. Thankfully, Tsuko's threat was clear and he walked away from the wrecked red head.

His pride was more hurt than anything. But, he should've seen this coming. Next time I'm going to lead Zenni out of Tsuko's room and go somewhere he won't find us, Rus thought to himself. After all, Rus didn't get to finish what he started, and Zenni needs to pay for all the times he's gotten Rus in trouble. After establishing a steady and even breathing pace, Rus went off to a bathroom to check for any lower and permanent damage.

9/16/09 03:35 am - stomach ache and brunt tongue.

ah. finals again.

I don't like this. I don't want another person in my life who is like this. I hate her. I absolutely hate her. And she's taking advantage of Ted... I'm not at all jealous, if that's what you think. I never had a thing for Ted... never will. I just see the manipulation and injustice in this situation... and honestly, it makes me sick.

Secondly, I do not have the tolerance for people right now. Everyone is pissing me off some way- some how. I think it has to do with Tsuko being around more. I can say, in this very moment, that I feel better than a lot of people. Yeah. I know I'm being arrogant. I just... Ah, I just feel rage at these people who are against our president, who do not even know who fucking ignorant, low-life, and disgusting retarded they look. The rest of the world is laughing at us... ha! I WONDER THE FUCK WHY.
and for you to tell me that you're "giving me a chance" to prove how much I want to be your friend, when I just thought that I could add you back on facebook? its FUCKING facebook! the FUCKING internet. Do you know how much that means to me? Zero. I thought it would be okay and mean nothing, but apparently its a big fucking deal. well not to me. sorry you crazy-fuck, but i do not want you back in my life... and I realized again why not.

(and to be honest, I never really liked her).

I hate people. I hate everyone around me. Stupid fucking idiots. I do not care about your girl problems, weight problems, dating shows, stupid dance culture, home markets, or lost of jobs. I couldn't give a shit about everything you consider important. I know that I'm better and smarter and a lot more talented and ambitious and successful than a lot of people I know. Oh don't think I don't know it, because I do. I just have too much low self esteem and am humble enough to never say it. I know it, its always in the back of my head, but I never choose to admit it.
Why? Because I want to hear what you have to say, honey. Because I pretend to give a big fat amount of shitty-care to your sweet-and-low life. Yep. I have to say, I listen and some of time I just don't care. I couldn't give a fuck what you think. There are other days that I am very interested. So interested, I'm on the brink of tears because I can't help you.

But today... just isn't one of those days. Sorry sweetie pie. And No I'm really not on my period and am not gonna get it soon.

its hard sometimes being a three-sided person. but I'm really glad Liz can identify each of my sides and know how to deal with them. She's the only one who I can talk to and deal with right now. I just want it to be me and her for a while. I don't want to deal with people's shit. Maybe because I put myself out there so much for others is the reason why I get so pissed off at people. I really can't help it. Zenni wants to help out so much. Tsuko really doesn't, and Rus wants to know whats in it for him at the end.

I also have this huge canvas just staring at me, waiting for me to give it an identity. Ah, I can't wait until finals are over.

9/7/09 03:43 am - random icons.

I got really bored... so I made new icons. Don't ask. Its a really random and old feeling.

Nom Nom NomCollapse )

12/7/08 08:46 pm - Friends Only

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